Good service and advice come first

There are lots of places to purchase computers and accessories these days. We differentiate ourselves with unusually low prices and highly experienced and trained consulting.

Our computer prices are usually lower than those on the manufacturer's own website.

Because our margins are so low, we can give you an unbiased opinion on the correct products to meet your needs and goals. We are equally receptive to working with existing products, used and refurbished products, or products purchased elsewhere.

General types of computer products and services that we sell and support

Computers and Laptops

Purchasing a computer for your home or business is a lot like purchasing a car. There are a myriad of models and options. Getting the right model for your needs will make a huge difference in meeting your expectations and budget. We assist you with determing the best options to meet your needs and budget. We offer selections from a large number of manufacturers.


Servers and Storage

Your business can't afford downtime or data loss.


Monitoring and Management

It's always best to fix small problems before they become bigger, costly problems. That's the concept of 24-hour monitoring of equipment. We are alerted whenever something is malfunctioning, needs replaced, is running slowly, or shuts down.


Networking and Connectivity

We can assist you with anything from simple Internet connectivity to wide-area networks that span multiple locations.


Printers, Scanners, and Peripherals

Just about anything can be connected to a computer these days. With experience in a wide range of industries, we can select, supply and maintain all kinds of perpheral devices.


Software, Custom Software and Middleware

We're your source for common business and productivity software, but that sometimes isn't enough for your needs. Our developers can create customized software to add functionality to your existing system, or develop stand-alone applications whenever off-the-shelf solutions do not exist.


Systems Integration and Project Coordination

Selecting the right product is sometimes a challenge. Getting multiple products to work together is an even greater challenge. Additionaly, there are the challenges of compliance with various rules and regulations, such as: HIPAA, PCI, and E-Rate.


Data Recovery

It happens to the best of us. Important data that should have been backed up wasn't for some reason. We can recover lost data in most cases from digital cameras, flash drives, hard disks, optical disks, and other common storage media. We have access to an ISO Class 5 cleanroom environment, which is AICPA COS 2 Type II certified.   These are a small sample of actual disasters where data was fully recovered..

Data Recovery